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home managementHome management is not merely limited to the cleaning and sweeping of house, cooking food or washing clothes. Home management is also an art. There is a lot of planning, budgetingmoney spending. All this needs to be done with a smile. Is this possible?? Yeah, follow the easy home management tips.

Planning is a key requirement for home management.

  •  In a dairy list down the tasks to be done for the day-internal as well as external like shopping for groceries, hair cut etc.  You will be able to decide the work at hand and the time to complete each of the tasks.
  •  At the end of the day you can check plan vs completion.
  • You can make a plan for weekly menu taking into consideration special days. This will help you decide the groceries required for the coming week . Keep a track of important occasions in the family, maintain a calendar on the kitchen wall, you are not sure not to miss it.
  • You can allocate time to clean up the house, re- arranging your living room and work areas. Time for dusting and cleaning too.
  • You can plan to wash clothes twice in a week, this will bring down the load and you will not be stressed also.
  •  Health is Wealth. Allocate time for exercise. Plan your activities and maintain schedule. You can go to bed early and rise early too.
  • Set aside one day in a month to complete all bill payments. You can do it from home too…on line payments.
  • Plan to clean your entire house in schedules. Do not do all the cleaning in one go. Schedule rooms as per your convenience. Changing  of linen is time consuming, therefore plan one at a time.
  • Keep removing clutter as you progress and this will ensure more space around you. You will have a spic and span house around you.
  • Plan budget for the entire month. Take into consideration the important and special occasions in the month – children’s birthday, anniversary, grand parents special days.
  • Plan for children’s education expenses, essential domestic bills. Ensure you do not miss out and you will not have surprises.

Budget Planning:

  • Plan budget for the entire month. Take into consideration the important and special occasions in the month – children’s birthday, anniversary, grand parents special days.
  • Plan for children’s education expenses, essential domestic bills. Ensure you do not miss out and you will not have surprises. 

Allocating work- easy management tips:

  • You can enjoy the work at home by taking interest in the work you do. The work will interest you and you will not feel a burden or the activity boring. Allot the duty and responsibilities to every family member at home. You be a role model and train them to help you.
  •  You can plan for multi tasking like watching TV and cutting vegetables, mixing dough, folding washed clothes etc.
  •  Seek the help of family members to do small jobs. Train children to clean their room for eg: clearing the beds , folding blankets, bed sheets when they wake up. They can help you by washing their undergarments, kerchief and socks
  • Inform your husband to place things in an organized manner. Help him initially to follow a pattern. Ask everybody in your family to wash the cups and glasses to avoid the overload on a single soul after drinking tea or water.
  • Plan to wash the utensils in between schedules to avoid overload. It can be done simultaneously while cooking.
  • Take helps in soft works from children and husband also. Put back everything on their designated places after their use.
  • In case all in the family leave home early in the morning, it is advisable to keep things ready for next days work. This will avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Prepare a chart with time schedule and learn the art of management.



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Holidays are something we often look forward to. We make great plans with our family members. If you own a holiday home a property that we seldom visit we need to take good care. Proper maintenance of a holiday home goes a long way in preserving the property and retaining its essence. So for a property owner it is important to pay sufficient attention towards your home’s upkeep.

To get better mileage and availability of a vehicle we ensure timely maintenance. Similarly we need to prioritize the upkeep of property and home . If the property or holiday home is not maintained the outcome will be negative and costly. You will come across more breakdowns and the holiday will be a disappointment too.

Maintain holiday home or property Here are some tips to keep your property in good shape:

  • Check for all doors and windows if they close properly.  Oil hinges of doors and windows regularly to avoid creaking noises. Prior to leaving the holiday home close all doors, windows, grill doors, gates. Check if they are bolted properly and locked.
  • Check for electrical connections. This will prevent safety incidents. Check for the functioning of alarm systems. Check if the fire extinguisher is valid for usage.
  • Cover all furniture when not in use. If the duration of the next visit is long. This will prevent dust accumulation.
  • Check for all water connections. Check for leakages in the water system. Fix it on time to avoid water loss.
  • Check for the operations of the cooking medium. Replace kitchen ware based on use. With time few articles will give a faded look, ensure to replace essential items.
  • Inspect insect screen of all rooms. If there is any with loose fittings, replace at the earliest.
  • Check for the condition of bed and the accessories. Replace the pillows and mattress if not comfortable.
  • Check for cracks on walls. If there are any, plaster the walls . Paint the walls to ensure aesthetic appeal.
  • Plan for a pest control program at least annually. Ensure all gaps for electrical fittings and ventilations are sealed.
  • If you have a garden trim plants and prevent growth onto buildings. Organize the tools and garden shed.
  • Have a schedule made for changing the curtains and getting them washed. Maintain a checklist for all critical cleaning.
  • The swimming pool should be emptied. This will minimize maintenance.
  • Keep a stock of essentials like spare bulbs and tube lights to avoid surprises.
  • Check if all bills are paid. No outstanding dues…taxes etc. This will avoid any tussles after you have left.
  • The garden accessories, fence , gate and wall needs to be checked for the condition. The damages needs to be fixed. Grills need painting at least bi-annually as they are exposed to be checked
  • Leave an emergency contact number for contact in case of emergency. Make a list of essential services i.e plumber, electrician to avoid time loss.

Plan for a maintenance program which covers all aspects of the house and a planned schedule to ensure your investment is well taken care of. The holiday home is maintained and you’ll enjoy your stay without any hassles.


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The importance of home managementHome Management is the process of preserving, protecting and maintaining your home. Home is the place where we spend most of our time. Home is where we relax after a busy day . Relaxation is required for people of all ages. To begin with, think of your home as a collection of systems and structures. Finally home management is the activities carried out to preserve, protect and improve your home and its systems.

Why is Home Management Important?

Home management is all about improving one’s home. As the famous quote says, “ An ounce of Prevention is better than loads of Cure”. Similarly the house needs to be maintained to ensure it is worth the buy. Houses are huge investments and proper planning is emphasized to ensure it lasts. A well managed home is more satisfying to live in, saves you money in the long run , the accessories are available all the time.

How to Preserve Your Home?

Preservation is to make things last. Preservation is the first line of defense in the protection of a home. The gadgets used at home needs regular maintenance to avoid any breakdowns.
House cleaning, painting, replacing requirements in the home ensures you are preserving the quality of your home, beautifying your environment. An effective home management solution is a homeowner’s most valuable asset.

How to Protect your Home?

Protection means defending or guarding against attack and shielding from danger. Biological threats like rot and mold are not only expensive to repair, but can be threatening to the health of the occupants.A check in time can prevent major cleaning and minimize costs too.

Protecting your home from natural calamities like fire, earthquake , water flooding. Check for insurance coverage to protect the investment and family. Check for any damages occurring to the home by means of pests, building damages like cracks. Planning, organizing will keep away crisis.

How to Enhance Your Home?
After a huge investment it is essential to have a good upkeep of the home, furniture and surroundings. Organizing the home and the available space is a big challenge.

Owning a home can be a challenge. However, managing your home is a great way to organize tasks in ways that allow you to complete them easier and more efficiently. Your involvement in home upkeep enables you to take pride of your home and you may be your neighbours envy. Enhancing your home does not call for additional penny, it is a way of regular maintenance.

Today’s homes are more complex and sophisticated than ever. Home owners are also busier than ever. This is why an effective home management is a godsend opportunity.
Managing your home properly makes real sense in terms of your property, lifestyle and value.

 The benefits of Home Management:
Home management is rewarding and a major support to the homeowner.

However, home management requires constant push and resources to be applied. Organizing tasks and completion of proposed activities are complete will ensure an efficient running home. Start home care with passion and you’ll enjoy the benefits

Owning a home is a big challenge…. Have Fun!