Crystal chandeliers add royal touch to the house. Crystal chandeliers are a pride to the home. Chandeliers comes in various designs: small cute ones and large ones to suit the size of the room or a big hall.  Chandeliers look wonderful when lit up and are often the objects of attraction when guests walk in to a home.  Dust is a major concern as they settle on the crystal pieces and over a period of time, due to accumulation of dust, chandeliers become dirty and look dull .

home managementTo continue keeping chandeliers the object of attraction we need to clean . Cleaning chandeliers is a part of home management. Cleaning Chandeliers can be done at home with or without dismantling. Essential factors if you plan to clean by yourself is a little money spent in the right direction, loads of patience, and caution. You may seek professional help basis the size and accessibility factors.

Precaution has to be strictly followed as they are glass material and susceptible to breakage and injuries. Use cotton gloves, it will provide good grip. Handle the entire process of cleaning with care.

You can clean crystal chandeliers at home. Non dismantle method

Requirement is to have a good tool to access the chandelier.

  • You need to set up set up an alternative lighting nearby the chandelier as you won’t be able to use the chandelier.
  • Switch off the chandelier’s power at the switch board and place a red tape on top of the switch with acommunication that the chandelier is being cleaned and no one should switch it on accidentally.
  • Place a large cloth or spread plastic sheet below the chandelier to prevent having a huge aftermath cleaning activity.
  • Dry dust bulbs, crystals with a soft cotton cloth and cover the bulbs with tissue paper or plastic wraps. Fasten them with a rubber band.
  • Special cleansers are available for cleaning chandeliers in the market. You can try this composition for excellent results. Mix 100ml of Isopropyl Alcohol with 300 ml of distilled water. Spread this solution on a cloth and then clean the parts. Spraying is advised in non accessible areas of the chandelier.
  • Once all the accessories are dried up , remove the plastic covers from the bulbs. Inspect all sides of the chandelier for effective cleaning.
  • After the cleaning activity leave the chandelier to dry for at least 6 to 8 hrs. Only then switch on the power.

You can clean crystal chandeliers at home. Dismantle method

You need to detach the crystal chandelier from the trim. Place soft cloth on the floor prior to bringing the unit down. Recommended frequency is once in 3 months or as per the load of dust and the look of the chandelier.

  • The crystal pieces can be soaked in lukewarm water. Add a mild detergent to make it soapy and creates foam too. After soaking for half an hour gradually clean the crystal with cotton dry cloth.
  • Once the crystal is dry, connect all the detached pieces and fix the chandelier back to its trim.

Prevent cleaning the metal portions, strings of the chandelier with harsh chemicals. It may remove the glossy paint of the surface.

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