Marble is a very soft stone. Marble is softer than granite. Marble is highly porous , therefore easily stained when chemicals or citrus liquids come in contact. Marble is effected by water too.It leaves stains which is time consuming for cleaning.

home managementMarble is a beauty in whatever product it is used. It is a huge investment too. Marble is a delicate stone and we need to handle it with lots of care.

You may have gone through a tough time cleaning marble. Installing marble at homes is a costly affair and maintenance is another task which needs accuracy and caution.

Marble is used for flooring, wall tiles, kitchen counter tops, dining areas. Due to its porous nature it soaks anything that comes into contact with. Do not use vinegar or acidic products to clean the floor. Be sure of your cleaning product, always select pH natural products as they are gentle and will not harm the marble stone.

What is the ideal frequency to clean marble ?

It is recommended to clean the marble daily . Initially dust the floor and later wipe the floor with cotton cloth and a gentle cleaner.Do not leave water on the floor for a long time.Prevent yellowing and staining of marble floors.

If the color has deepened then go for polishing and buffing. You can take the help of professionals when you plan to do extensive maintenance and cleaning.

Tips to protect marble stones:

  • Ensure the gaps between tiles are closed and no scope for water penetration.
  • Clean floor stains of iron, etc mildly with a dish detergent. Do not use acids etc.
  • For marble floors, it’s best to protect them with a stone sealer.
  • Use coasters under all glasses to prevent stains on your marble surfaces. If iron material is placed on floors ensure usage of stands, cloth mats.
  • Use a glass or plastic tray to hold cosmetics , pieces of art on marble vanity surfaces. Make sure they have cotton mats underneath to keep from scratching the marble.A scratch on your marble will result into the loss of beauty of this stone.
  • Avoid letting citrus or alcohol products sit on the marble surface as it can etch and dull it.
  • Keep hot items off marble; always use a trivet or hot pad for protection.
  • Clean marble tops with lukewarm water only, never use hot water. It will deteriorate and damage the shine on marble surface.
  • Applying a clear wax will help to protect marble. Avoid waxing white marble as it may cause it to yellow.
  • Before applying a method of treatment, do a test spot first to make sure the color or finish won’t be affected. You can be safe of not damaging the entire floor.
  • Use terry cloth or tissue papers to clean the marble, it will also enable shine.
  • To avoid staining of marble due to spills of cooking oil or any other greasy products ,  clean the spill immediately with cloth or tissue paper and then clean the area with mild soap solution and dry cloth.
  • While purchasing marble cleaners, check for mildness and always follow the directions of the Manufacturer.


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