how to control ants naturallyAnts are seen in large numbers during summer season. The small red and black ants are a common sight in homes. Ants come in long trails. Remember the famous proverb “ An ant may well destroy a whole dam” . They work as a team going in long lines in search of food.

Ants attack food items. Ants eat up the inner contents and leave the exterior shell intact. Many cases of biscuits becoming hollow, we can see a chain of ants carrying fine bits of the food particles back to their dwelling.

An inspiration to gain from ants is their will power to combat situations, they never give up and keep coming back again. Therefore preventive maintenance plays a major role in controlling ants. You need to keep your floor and table surfaces free from left over food. Close all containers to avoid sweet aroma in the air. Ants are on the search for food and water and they sniff and find their way. They will pick food and take it back to the anthill to feed the queen ant.

Watch out for the long trail of ants. If they sting, the skin will bulge and pain for some time. There are chemical products in the market to stop ants in and around the house and establishments . You can make a difference by controlling ants by natural methods.

Here are few proven and successful methods.

Turmeric powder

Mix quarter spoon of turmeric powder to 2 spoons of wheat flour . Sprinkle it on the ants. Place a little powder at the entry point. This will deter ants from coming home.

Cucumber peels / Orange peels

Place cucumber peels or citrus peels at the point of entry where you see ants or place them on poly bags in the kitchen platform. This will keep away ants. Orange peel is ideal for this purpose.


Boric acid or Borax is non toxic to humans, but they are poisonous to ants. Mix borax with equal parts of powdered sugar and sprinkle around the entry points at home. In case of large anthills you can sprinkle this powder. The ants will feed the queen ant too and you can destroy the complete ant family.

Baby Talcum powder / Black board chalk piece

If you see ants on bedroom table counters or beds use baby talcum powder. They will put off ants. A line drawn by chalk piece is literally a ‘ Laksman rekha’ and ants will keep away. They will not intrude further.


Use vinegar that is available in your kitchen. It is a natural ant repellent. Wipe down your countertops, cupboards and any other places where you’ve spotted ants with a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal quantities. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times to maintain the efficacy.

Fresh Ground coffee beans

Smell of Fresh ground coffee beans keeps ants away.

Soap solution

Take equal quantities of glass cleaner and liquid soap and mix it together and put it in a spray bottle, spray source areas and the ant hill too. You can spray soap solution too.

Hot water

Pour 3 to 4 liters of hot water if there is a large anthill in your garden area . This is a cost effective method to address the complete ant family.

Spices and Herbs

Sprinkle cinnamon, mint, pepper, garlic cloves in the area where you’ve seen ants . Replace garlic cloves . Bay leaves can be placed in cabinets, drawers and containers to deter ants.

You have got a whole list of natural repellents to address ants. Fill gaps in walls and floors. You need to be focused , always keep in mind the will power of ants. Keep your home clean , table tops free of spilled food and dripping containers. Close all food boxes and I’m sure you can keep the crawling creatures at bay.

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