This is a popular and common solution shared by elders and has been followed at home for ages. These are some natural methods to control lizards.

control lizards naturally Egg shells. Lots of people swear by egg shells. If you place cracked eggshells around the house, in corners, and in windows, the occurrence of lizards should decrease noticeably. Lizards associate the broken shells with larger predators such as birds and larger reptiles.

Peacock feathers. This works on the same principal as the egg shell idea. Lizards associate large feathers with death. Birds love a tasty little lizard snack. So decorate with some peacock feathers. Put them in a vase, hang them on the wall, bunch them together, and place them in the corners.

Getting Rid of Lizards

  • Get rid of the food source.

If there is no food for the lizard, there is no lizard. Keep away any source of insect or pest entry.

  • How to make your home inhospitable.

Keep your place clean. A dirty / messy house provides not only floor but also a hiding place for the insects. Dirty dishes, garbage, floors not dusted, piles of laundry, piles of newspapers etc. all need to get taken care of. Lizards like warmth, therefore if possible reduce heat in the rooms.

Keep furniture at least six inches from the wall, and don’t hang lots of pictures and mirrors. Lizards like to hang out on and behind them. Fix any leaky faucets or pipes. Remember lizards and their food need water.

  • Make it difficult for lizards to get in:

Lizards can squeeze their bodies and pass through holes. Therefore check walls especially near electrical wiring entry points , gap below doors and windows. Place mothballs near windows. They are not liked by lizards.

  • How to make your yard inhospitable.

Standing waters are a major source of problem. Insects breed in them and is a source of food. Trim plants that are too close to doors and windows. Don’t use outdoor lighting at night. It attracts bugs for lizards to eat. If you must use lighting, use yellow lights or sodium vapor lights.

  • You can use glue boards to trap lizards. This is a physical measure to trap lizards. Chemical agents need to be done by direct contact. Not recommended at homes.


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