Mice and rats are two of the most common pests in the home. Mice and rats are nocturnal pests. You can identify their presence if you observe finding partially nibbled food, packaging or other materials and small droppings. You may also find nests, which look like balls of material loosely woven together.

home managementAs rats have poor vision, they rely mostly on their other four senses – taste, smell, touch and hearing. They move through darkness by using their long whiskers and guard hairs on their bodies to guide them.

The most common sign of rats is droppings, along with evidence of gnawing, tracks, burrows and nests. You will also observe a musky smell.

Mice and rats can carry a wide range of diseases. These can be passed on to humans by contaminating food or surfaces with urine, droppings and hairs . Rats can also cause structural damage to property. They can bite a range of materials, including electric cables and wiring, which could cause fire or electrocution.

It is not advised to place baits inside the house. If the rats consume and get stuck in some corner , the entire house will smell. Place glue boards in the corners of the room within the house. Rats will get trapped as they move corner to corner.

The preventive measure will be to seal all gaps which could be a source of entry. Keep all food material covered.

The precautionary methods are to make sure drain covers are in place and not damaged. Watch out for any crevices and gaps around electrical fittings,pipe connections. You can also minimize entry by restricting their food. Close all garbage bins tightly, clear spills immediately. Keep all containers closed. Clear garbage bins frequently. Piling up attracts rats.

Rats are good at senses like taste and odor. Therefore placing baits must be done that attracts the attention of the rats. Ensure you place baits externally as it may attract other crawling insects like ants and cockroaches too.

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