Stains of candle wax on clothes are not easy to get over by washing only. You need to apply tricks to get rid of wax from your clothes. What with power cut for extended hours the usage of candle has increased. Candle lit processions are happening every other day in the city. These are the occasions when there is high chance for molten candle wax to fall on your clothes.

This is a common observation on children’s clothes as they are not alert and will spill the wax onto the nice clothes. The dress will look shabby when there is molten wax on it. We need to address the source of the wax problem…yes,  provide paper cups to prevent the molten wax dripping onto clothes.

how to remove stains stuck on clothesWax removal from clothing:

For stains left by candle wax on clothes and table cloth, scrape off surface wax with a knife. Place wax stain between clean paper towels and press with a warm iron. Replace paper towels if they become saturated.

If some of the dye has seeped into the fabric of your tablecloth and remains after removing the wax, try laundering with a color-safe bleach.

Bubble Gum removal from clothing:how to remove stains from clothes

To take chewing gum off your clothes, place the item of clothing in a polythene cover, then freeze it for about an hour. Take the clothing out of the freezer, then bend the fabric across the stain to crack the gum. Chip off the pieces with a dull knife.

If that doesn’t work, let the gum return to room temperature then dampen a cloth with dry-cleaning solution, lighter fluid, salad oil or peanut butter and rub on the gum, then work it off with a dull knife. Launder as usual.

Crayon stains can be treated in the same way as wax.

Bubble gum removal from hair :

You may go wild with anger when your child comes in with bubble gum stuck on hair. The child is already embarrassed and needs assurance from the elders. Do not shout. Sit down with the child and understand how it happened while making arrangements for taking out the gum stuck on hair. If the bubble gum is too close to the scalp try option one and two. If the bubble gum is stuck away from the scalp then try option 3.

  1. Applying hair oil and keeping for 15 mins. Use an old toothbrush to ensure the entire gum is covered and you can also comb the affected part.
  2. Applying Vaseline gel on the part and gently remove it with a comb.
  3. Applying an ice cube over the gum stuck on hair. Keep the ice cube in contact for 15 mins by rubbing constantly over the bubble gum and the gum will come off your hair. Wash with shampoo and dry.

You need not worry . Try these simple tricks and remove your stains and your worries are solved.

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