Stains on clothes is a disaster for many. We take a long time to choose clothes of our choice and when they accidentally are stained you get upset. The first thought that comes to your mind is to dispose the clothing. You can give a try to the home remedies that are tried and tested to remove common stains that occur on clothes during our day to day proceedings. You will be relieved of the stain and you can wear your loved clothes again.

Ink stains

how to remove stains from clothesInk stains are the most stubborn among stains and a common feature with people of all ages. Now with the revolutionary ball point pens without cap, common practice is to write and place the pen into the pocket. After an hour or so, ink leakage is felt by the individual and realizes that the shirt has got ink stains.

  • To remove ink stains from clothes use a nail polish remover on the stained area.
  • Rub the area with a cotton bud soaked in eau de cologne (perfume with 70 to 90% ethanol , citrus oil mixed with many other scents and essential oils)
  • Wet a sponge with milk and rub the ink stain

Blood stains:

Blood stains occur when you cut yourself, nose bleeding due to external heat or whatsoever reasons. Primarily soak the cloth in cold water and salt for 1 hour and wash with cold water and soap.

  • To remove spots of blood from clothing, use 3 percent hydrogen peroxide  available at any medical store. Soak the stain with the peroxide, use your fingernail or the blade of a butter knife to help loosen and scrape away the blood, then rinse it away with more hydrogen peroxide.
  • For removing blood , wet the stained area of the fabric with water, sprinkle it with plain table salt, rub one half of the stain against the other to work in the salt and loosen the stain, then immediately launder the garment .
  • Another method blot the stain with cold water or soak it in a cold water bath. you’ll want to remove the stain completely before drying, ironing or applying any type of heat to the stain which will just cause it to set in permanently.
  • Vinegar works wonders with blood stained clothing .Apply the vinegar directly to the stain and blot. When the stain is removed, blot again with a damp cloth to remove the smell. Launder as usual.
  • Mix one part baking soda with two parts water and blot the stain until it lifts. Blot again with a damp sponge to remove the baking soda. Launder as usual.

Paan (Betel leaf) stains:

You may have got betel leaf stains on your favorite shirt and are really worried how to get rid off the stain . Do not worry.

  • Soaking the affected area of clothing in curd or lime juice for 2 hours . You will observe that the fade has vanished.

Oil stains

You attend a wedding or puja ceremony and observe small oil droplets on your garments. You may observe oil stains on your pillows too. You need not worry, follow this two way approach

  • If fresh the oil stains can be dusted with talcum powder or wheat flour.  This will absorb the oil.  Leave for some time dust off and wash immediately with soap and water. You are sure to observe no patches and the garment is back to normalcy.
  • Oil and ghee stains can be removed from clothes by washing in hot water to which washing soda has been added.
  • Apply shampoo on the stains and you will be surprised to see that the fabric is clean.

Mud stains

When you go out in the rain your clothes are sure to get wet and high chance for your clothes to get mud stains. Soak the cloth in cold water to remove all the slush and mud on the clothes.  

  • Mud stains on clothes can be removed with water of boiled potatoes.

how to remove stains from clothesTea or Coffee stains

  • Wash the stained part immediately and then dip the stained area in glycerin over night. Wash with soap and water next day.
  • Fresh tea stains can be removed if sponged with cold water immediately. Fresh coffee stains can be removed by washing with soap and water. Drying in the sun often removes old stains.
  • To remove tea stains from clothing or table linens, submerge the stained area for several minutes in a small bowl containing heavily sugared water (keep adding sugar in ½ cup of water as much as it can saturate), then launder as usual.

Sweat stains

Perspiration will be more during summer. To remove these stains from clothes apply a little ammonia and place the dress in sunlight. Soda water is excellent for removing white stains. Pour soda water over the stains and wash.

Collar stains

To remove dirty stains from shirt collars and cuffs, dip them in cold water for an hour, and scrub with sugar.

Pour a little shampoo onto the collar, inexpensive one also will do. Rub the collar together to work the shampoo in well, and rinse thoroughly. Then launder as usual.

Turmeric stains

You may have used turmeric as a face pack and have turmeric stains on clothes. Turmeric stains can be removed by rubbing a dry detergent bar soap over it and leave it for an hour before washing it off.

Hair dye stains

This has become a common stain in every household. People apply hair dye and there are high chances of spills over clothes. Clothes stained with hair dye should be cleaned with a piece of raw onion before being washed.

Henna stains

People apply henna on hair for coloring or henna designs are applied on hands and legs as part of ceremonies and weddings. Here are tips to remove henna stains from clothes. Soak the stained portion in hot milk for half-an-hour. Then rinse in cold water and clean with a brush.


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